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 Universal Moral Code

Universal Moral Code Mini-Poster
Mini-posters of the Universal Moral Code are available for purchase at the Paradoxical Commandments web site. Click here to purchase a mini-poster.

Morality and Morale: A Business Tale
The Universal Moral Code is featured in Dr. Keith’s book, Morality and Morale: A Business Tale. To order a copy, click here.

Contact Dr. Kent M. Keith

If you would like to contact Dr. Kent M. Keith please do so at drkentkeith@hotmail.com

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Morality and Morale:A Business Tale

Permission to Reprint
Kent M. Keith copyrighted the Universal Moral Code in 2003. For permission to use the Universal Moral Code, please contact Dr. Keith at drkentkeith@ hotmail.com. Thank you!

© Copyright Kent M. Keith 2003,